Zamzam offers and assemble complete ozone generators and ozone water treatment systems for commercial, residential and industrial water treatment purposes. Applications range from treating swimming pool water to food processing water and bottling application.


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What is Ozonation?

Ozone is a strong oxidizer and can be particularly effective for water and waste water treatment with less than 1% organic content. It is sometimes used as a pretreatment method, or to disinfect wastewater after biological treatment. It oxidizes a wide range of organics, can destroy cyanide wastes and phenolic compounds, and is faster acting than alkaline chlorination. And, unlike chlorine, ozone doesn't generate toxic ions in the oxidation process.

Ozone is the triatomic form of oxygen formed naturally during lightning strikes and anytime an electric arc is formed. It is a very unstable compound and must be produced at the same time it is needed, usually by ultraviolet excitation and corona discharge. It is not effective in treating slurries, sludge's, solids, organic solvents, or tars.

Before use, consider the possibility that ozone will oxidize other stream components that did not need treatment. Excess ozone, (that is, ozone not consumed in the reaction) must be catalytically decomposed since release is not permitted

Ozonation has recently gained popularity as a treatment alternative in the United States after regulatory agencies placed restrictions on the disinfection by-products, especially levels of tri-halo methane (THM).

Ozonation is an established and proven disinfection alternative as well as a per oxidant for the control of THM precursors. It also has the benefits of:

  • Oxidation and volatilization of organics
  • Control of algae and associated compounds
  • Destabilization (micro flocculation) of certain types of turbidity
  • Removal of color-causing compounds
  • Oxidation of iron and manganese
  • Very short disinfection times
  • Partial oxidation of organics for subsequent removal by microorganisms.

Ozone is a natural purifier that has been used to purify water since the early 1900s. Zamzam ozone systems serve a diverse market of applications around the globe.

Today, ozone is being utilized in a continually expanding array of applications.

  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Commercial Laundry
  • Pool, Spa & Water Features
  • Problem Drinking Water
  • Beverage - Bottled Water, Soft Drink
  • Agric-Food
  • Process Fluids
  • Industrial Effluent
  • Aqua Culture

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