Dosing Pumps

Zamzam. provides a complete range of chemical dosing pumps and industrial water pumps. We provide services for in house design, manufacture and installation of chemical dosing and industrial water systems suitable for a wide range of applications.

At last, a single supplier for all your chemical dosing requirements, from pumps and skid mounted units to complete chemical dosing systems and packages. Zamzam provides products and services for a wide range of industrial water, effluent and process applications RO pretreatment. From pre chlorination,RO chemicals, de-chlorination, pH treatment, pH neutralization (pH correction), post chlorination and post pH treatment.

Zamzam stocks large quantities of  Seko, Grundfos , Pulsafeeder , LMI and ProMinent  products ready for immediate delivery. The pump prices are very competitive for the right applications


   Dosing Pumps  Dosing Pumps  Dosing Pumps   

Dosing Pumps  Dosing Pumps  Dosing Pumps


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